There are no restrictions on the use of Natural Food Colors, so they can be used, but they are affected by discoloration and discoloration depending on the food ingredients and processing conditions, so consultation is required. If you contact the customer center, we will kindly consult you.

Natural food coloring is more sensitive to light, heat, metal ion, protein, pH, sugar, alcohol, etc. than synthetic food coloring, has a pastel tone, has weak strength, and is expensive, but is safer than artificial food coloring.

Natural Food Colors can be used without restrictions on processed foods, excluding simple processing such as peeling and cutting, and traditional foods such as kimchi and red pepper paste.

Natural Food Colors is mostly vegetable, but there are also animal, microbial, and mineral pigments.

There is no taste of natural food coloring itself, and the scent has a slight scent of its own.

There is Dalcomi 321 product made by mixing pigment, concentrate and scent.

Dalcomi 321

Natural Food Colors are sensitive to light, heat, metal ions, protein, pH, sugar, alcohol, etc., and color tone changes a lot depending on food ingredients. As permissible standards differ depending on the country, you must check with the exporting country whether it can be used in exported products.

Most Natural Food Color powders are available, liquids vary depending on the raw material, and Natural Food Colors with ingredients that discolor or discolor quickly during storage are not possible.

Natural Food Color includes water-soluble Natural Food Color and fat-soluble Natural Food Color.

Water-soluble Natural Food Color is easily erased with detergent, but oil-soluble Natural Food Color is not washed with general detergents and can be removed only with organic solvents such as acetone.

Spices have their own unique taste and aroma and can be used as sub-materials to enhance the taste and aroma of food.

Each spice has its own unique taste and aroma, so we encourage you to try it yourself.

You can check the Flavors(taste and scent) for each product in PRODUCT/Spice on the homepage.


DOBE Industry’ s Flavors are made of raw materials approved as food additives, so they are safe to use in food.

There are various Natural Flavoring such as fruit fragrances and floral fragrances.

Most of DOBE Industry's Flavors can be used for food.

DOBE Industry's Flavors are different from fragrances, so it is recommended to use them for food.

Citrus-type Flavors may change color when stored for a long time, but there is no problem in using them. However, it is recommended to use products that have been stored for a long time after checking for abnormalities.

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DOBE IND. CO., LTD.      CEO : Hyunkyu Park      Business License : 129-81-17683

Headquarters & Factory 1  :  6 Sanbon-ro 77beonan-gil, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Factory 2  :  25 Sanbon-ro 77beon-gil, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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